Tracey Stead

Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator & Coach




“Tracey provided us with excellent insight and analysis for the University’s Skills Review which was a highly complex piece of work. Her familiarity with the higher education skills arena combined with first-class communication and facilitation skills has resulted in a very high quality report which will form the basis of an institution-wide plan for the next three to five years. This was a significant Review that we would have been unable to complete within the timescale and so comprehensively if we had not had Tracey’s support, guidance and extremely valuable consultancy skills.”
Sarah Turpin, Head of Academic Skills Resources, University of Bath
"Tracey's workshops helped me to think about a longer term plan for my research and put together a program of research for the next five years.  The best thing about the course was having an enthusiastic trainer, it really makes a difference, if someone is excited about the possibilities for research it is infectious" 
Dr Parveen Akhtar, Participant on 'Realising your research potential', University of Bradford
"Tracey has contributed to the work of the Vitae South West and Wales Hub in a number of different ways - as a facilitator on Vitae courses, as a trainer, as a workshop leader and as a committee member. She always delivers to the highest possible standard and her contribution has been highly valued by colleagues in universities across the region and beyond. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, empathetic, unassuming, she can always be relied upon to meet your needs as a client, with an ability to interpret your brief - however vague. She brings a wealth of skills to all her work. A colleague you can trust - and someone with whom you always enjoy working.”
Anne Goodman, Vitae

"I have worked with Tracey in a variety of settings; as a colleague at Vitae primarily and a supplier of hers at the University of Bath secondarily. Latterly, she has afforded me the wealth of experience she possesses as an independent coach. Unassuming, precise and deft are three words that describe her uncanny ability to reflect motivations, uncover obstacles and prompt avenues towards a solution. I cannot thank her for her help or recommend her coaching skills highly enough."
Piero Vitelli, Island41
"You have been such a fantastic coach, you’ve opened my eyes, made me really think about things and have made quite a hard time much more manageable."
Alex, London
"I have done some very rewarding coaching with Tracey, which really helped me. She has all the qualities a coach needs and indeed more, but amongst these I would single out her clarity of thought which I found quite exceptional. It enables her to jump right to the heart of a problem, help unravel it, and give transparency to issues which seemed hard to understand at the time. She was also a real expert in the subject I came to her for, which was great. I would use her again and again, and indeed we keep in touch. Thank you Tracey!”
Andy Evans, London
"Tracey is a warm, kind coach who really wants the best for her clients. She is determined and strong in her coaching, in service of her client's success."
Deirdre McBurney, Essex
"Tracey really helped me at a time in my life when I was a bit stuck and confused and needed to find my way again. By asking questions and working together, she enabled me to find my own answers and really think about what I truly want. I am now really optimistic and excited about the way my life is going and some of the opportunities that have arisen as a result. Tracey is friendly, non-judgemental and she made every session fun and something to look forward to. I would thoroughly recommend Tracey to others who need guidance and help to find their way in life again!"
Carrie Sanderson, Owner, Health & Healing