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The workshops outlined on the pages listed below are examples of the development activities that I offer to researchers. This is not an exhaustive list: please contact me to discuss your requirements. Unless otherwise specified, these activities can be tailored to an audience of researchers at any stage in their career and from any discipline. Please contact me to discuss specific requirements.

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+ 1. Coaching skills – for PIs and Supervisors

Coaching helps us to make positive changes in our career and working relationships. As Principal Investigators and Supervisors, you can motivate your research team using coaching skills to help them to:

  • Feel more fulfilled, positive and motivated
  • Understand what they really want from their career
  • Work out how to get themselves 'unstuck'
  • Improve their relationships
  • Make positive changes and achieve goals that are important to them

In this interactive workshop is an introduction to coaching skills. You will learn what coaching is (and what it is not) and will be introduced to some useful coaching techniques that you can use to more effectively manage your research team