Tracey Stead

Trainer, Facilitator & Consultant

Leadership Training and Development Services 

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General Leadership and PI Cohort Programmes

I can work with you to design a research leadership programme to suit your needs. I have worked with several institutions to design programmes for Principal Investigators, Early Career Researchers and Academic or Professional Staff to cover the following range of leadership topics:

  • Research proposals and applications
  • Preparing for fellowships
  • Leading and motivating research teams
  • Leadership issues: creating a vision, change, conflict, decision making
  • Leading research collaborations
  • Using MBTI to understand your leadership style
  • Leading your own research career

I also offer shorter, stand-alone leadership and management workshops that run for half or full days
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+ Action Learning Set (click to expand)

An Action Learning Set is a small group of people who meet regularly to help one another with their individual problems. They may be people who work for the same organisation, people who have the same role in different parts of an organisation, or could be people who have nothing in common at all.

The ALS is a very effective way of empowering people to find new and sustainable solutions to problems. Through listening and questioning in a structured and very effective way, the group helps individuals to reflect and learn, come up with solutions and then supports them to take action.

As a trained ALS facilitator I can help you to establish ALSs within your organisation, which will eventually become self-sufficient.

+ Coaching 1:1 (click to expand)

I also offer one to one coaching on any issue to all researchers and academic staff. Depending on the context, this usually consists of a 90-minute introductory session, followed by periodic follow up sessions, usually every 3-4 weeks and lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.

+ MBTI one to one feedback (click to expand)

This 90 minute session is for individuals who wish to explore their personality type. During the session, the MBTI preferences will be discussed in relation to that individual’s circumstances, to help them to more fully understand:

  • how you prefer to manage others and to be managed
  • your preferred working environment and practices
  • how you give and receive communication
  • manage your work

The participant will also complete the MBTI questionnaire and receive tailored information for their particular type.