Tracey Stead

Trainer, Facilitator & Consultant

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Facilitation Services 

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Facilitated Meetings and events

+ 1. Research sandpits

Research sandpits are a stimulating and productive way in which to foster new research projects across disciplines. A typical sandpit will bring together a group of researchers from several different disciplines around a common theme.

During the course of the sandpit, colleagues will be encouraged to network and understand each other’s expertise and perspectives, whilst working together to determine potential research questions and build small research teams and creative research proposals. At the end of the sandpit there will be several cross-discipline teams with proposals for genuine new research projects.

+ 2. Collaboration Meetings

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+ 3. Away-Days

I can design and facilitate away-days for your team, department or faculty. These are days designed to help you to take time out to refocus or set new goals and vision for your research practices and processes.