Tracey Stead

Trainer, Facilitator & Consultant

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Facilitation Case Studies

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Workshop 1: Turning ideas into projects and plans
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers, who have some general ideas and enthusiasm to work in collaboration, but no concrete project to pursue and/or funding to apply for. It is likely that the participants will know of each other or may have met some of the other participants, but they may not necessarily know one another’s exact expertise or future interests.

Workshop 2: Bringing researchers and external stakeholders together
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers and stakeholders working in a common area, to build a network, establish connections or collaborations, get feedback and ideas and to generally gain more understanding of one another’s contexts. e.g. medieval studies researchers and managers of historic monuments in a particular geographical area; or medical researchers, clinicians and pharmaceutical industries working on a particular condition or therapy.
The workshop is similar to workshop 1, but with more emphasis on networking and brokering individual connections. There is no set topic, the topics chosen are determined by who is present.

Workshop 3: Expert and peer review of funding bids
The purpose of this workshop is to give researchers working on a proposal or funding bid the opportunity to have as much feedback and input as possible to their idea in one day. It is also an opportunity to see how others pitch and explain their ideas to convince funders. Advice is given by a combination of peers, panel experts (with experience of being on funding panels) and advisors from professional services e.g. experts in research management, Public Engagement, Pathways to Impact, specific funders, costing/finance etc. (whatever is relevant to the funding calls or needs of the participants).

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