Tracey Stead

Trainer, Facilitator & Consultant


Case Studies


The following case studies are examples of some of the consultancy projects I have delivered.

  • Imperial College careers materials: I worked with the Postdoc Development Centre to help create materials to add to their impressive offering to Postdoctoral Researchers.  I created new a career management resource for those considering a career outside academia including advice and activities to enable researcher to better understand themselves, evaluate the opportunities available and to market themselves to employers. 
  • Imperial College resources for Fellows: The Postdoc Development Centre at Imperial College wanted to create a range of resources specifically for their Research Fellows.  I worked with them to plan, research and write a set of resources aimed at all Fellows, but with specific information for those new to the Fellowship or new to the UK research context.  The website packed with advice and information includes sections on mentoring, bringing in funding,  developing your visibility and being strategic
  • GW4 Collaboration toolkits for researchers:  The GW4 research consortium brings together the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter to collaborate in research.  To help their researchers to better manage research collaborations, I worked with their academics and research support teams to research and design an online guide to research collaboration and design and collate resources for Communication For Collaboration website for research students. 
  • Engage Competition: The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement ran a national competition to celebrate and recognise public engagement with research.  I worked with them to design the competition and plan the day: my main roles was scoping the project and researching alternative approaches.  The result was an exciting celebration: 'Engage 2014', held at London's Natural History Museum.   
  • Southampton "Researcher Careers Outside Academia" toolkit and workshop: I designed and delivered a series of online materials to help researches at the University of Southampton to think about the option of careers outside academia.  This included the deign of a workshop, which Careers Advisors deliver in-house, as well as a range of online career management resources and activities.  
  • University of Bath Impact Toolkit Evaluation: The University of Bath provides an online toolkit for their research to better plan Pathways to Impact.  I helped them to assess and develop the content of the resources, using surveys and interviews with users and writing a report with recommendations.
  • Vitae Every Researcher Counts: Vitae have dedicated resources, case studies and stakeholder briefings to improve the understanding of equality and diversity issues amongst those who support and manage researchers within higher education institutions.  I worked with Vitae to develop a 'Train the Trainer' workshop to help staff within Research Institutions to deliver Diversity training to academics and researchers.  I also developed a guide for research staff to help them to consider and address their own equality and diversity needs.
  • University of Bath CROS and PIRLS surveys:  Many research institutions take part in the national surveys of research satisfaction: the Careers in Research Online Survey and the Principal Investigators and Research Leader Survey take place across the UK every two years.  For the last two rounds I have analysed and benchmarked the data and produced a report of key findings for the University of Bath.